Zagreb International Airport Jsc. takes over the management of Zagreb Airport Ltd.

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Dear passengers, business partners and visitors,

MZLZ ( Zagreb International Airport Jsc.) is eager to share with you that the Republic of Croatia has entitled our company to take over the management of Zagreb capital airport as of 5 December 2013 for the coming thirty years, together with the construction of a new passenger terminal due to open in 2016. We aim at enhancing each and every service delivered at the airport for the full satisfaction of our individual customers as well as our business partners. MZLZ is also willing to further grow traffic with a proactive route development introducing additional connections from Zagreb to and from the world.

MZLZ is a Croatian company primarily led by Aéroports de Paris Management (ADPM - a 100% owned subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris) and Bouygues Bâtiment International (a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction) that will respectively be in charge of airport management and passenger terminal construction. The four additional MLZL shareholders are Viadukt d.d. - a Croatian construction company, IFC (International Financial Corporation) - member of the World Bank Group, Marguerite - European fund, and TAV (Turkish airport operator).

All partners, together with the Croatian teams will join forces to deliver a distinctive airport experience in the region.

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