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Specijalistička edukacija

Ekologija - AA-O01-E

In the 21st century, ecology has become one of the key elements of the concept of sustainable development of aviation. In this course, attendees will receive an overview of important ecological elements to the development of airports. The focus will be on the two most prominent environmental aspects, and those are aircraft noise and exhaust emissions, though other aspects will also be covered, including: water protection, protection of soil and ground water, managing and optimal use of energy, and the possibility of using renewable energy sources. Each of the aspects will be outlined with reference to the domestic and international regulations, such as the ICAO Annex 16, EU Regulations, EASA documents and other documents regarding these issues. For each aspect, the issues and negative impacts will be outlined, and a series of measures aimed to mitigate those negative impacts presented, with regard to the management level and the level of operative staff participating in all processes within aviation. 

Duration: 2 days - Price: 3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT
Regulativa - AA-R01-E

The course “Introduction to ICAO Annex 14 – Aerodromes” will acquaint attendees with the obligations ensuing for member states and airport operators, on the basis of experience in the application of ICAO Annex 14, and examples of the implementation of standards and recommended practices at airports. The course systematically, and using practical examples, covers the following areas:

  • Applicability and the difference between standards and recommended practice
  • Joint reference systems
  • Safety management system
  • Airport design
  • Airport reference codes
  • Airport data published in the AIP
  • Airport surfaces (runways, taxiways, runway shoulders, fields, stopways, holding positions, apron, obstacle restriction and removal),
  • Visual navigation aids, markings, symbols, lighting systems, marking obstacles, visual aids for marking restricted use surfaces, airport operation services
  • Equipment and installations
  • Airport maintenance
Duration: 3 days - Price: 4.000,00 HRK (~530,00 EUR) + VAT
Tehnika i tehnologija - AA-T07-E

The course “Airport Safety Management System” is based on the ICAO Addendum 19, ICAO Doc. 9859 Safety Management Manual (SMM) and other ICAO and EASA standards and guidelines pertaining to the area of safety management systems (SMS) at airports.

Particularly emphasis will be placed on the preparation and drafting of Aeronautic and Safety studies.

The course content will cover the following areas:

  • Four main components of SMS
  • Planning the implementation of SMS
  • Phase approach of the implementation of SMS at airports
  • Examples and best practices.
Duration: 3 days - Price: 4.000,00 HRK (~530,00 EUR) + VAT
Tehnika i tehnologija - AA-T04-E

The course “Significance of Cargo Transport for Airport Operations” encompasses segments of the significant of Cargo transport at the global level, and also answers many questions, including:

  • How do airports view Cargo transport?
  • What can they and what are they prepared to offer in Cargo transport?
  • Cargo as a business function
  • Cargo as a business process
  • Cargo as a business sector
  • Is Cargo transport interesting for all airports?
  • Cargo transport in the EU Member States
  • Cargo transport in the SE European states
  • Case study: Cargo transport in Croatia
  • Strategic determinants of the development of cargo transport – example of Zagreb Airport
  • Quality management in the Cargo process
  • Cargo 2000 project
  • e-freight project
  • Significance of IT support in the Cargo process
  • Financial significance of Cargo transport – example of Zagreb Airport
  • Development of the project Zagreb Airport Cargo City

During the course, the emphasis will be placed on practical examples.

Duration: 2 days - Price: 3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT
Tehnika i tehnologija - AA-T03-E

The course “Airport Infrastructure and Capacity Planning” systematically and based on experience, covers the issues of airport infrastructure, in accordance with the valid international standards and good practice recommendations, based on the documents of the ICAO, EASA, IATA and organisations and institutions dealing with air traffic issues. The foundation for the case “Airport infrastructure and capacity planning” is ICAO Annex 14.6 (2013), which is supplemented with detailed documentation, such as the ICAO Doc. 9157 “Aerodrome Design Manual”.
This course gives a detailed overview of the infrastructure necessary for the safe and effective performance of aviation at an airport. The course will cover the following units: runway, taxiways, apron, passenger and cargo terminals, signalisation (day and night signalling) and surface maintenance. Considering that one of the most important elements in the planning and development of airports is the issue of its capacity, this will be explained on the basis of lecturer experience, with a detailed overview of the IATA ADRM Manual.

Duration: 4 days - Price: 4.500,00 HRK (~595,00 EUR) + VAT
Tehnika i tehnologija - AA-T01-E

The course “Fundamentals of Aviation” gives attendees an overview of the participants and processes in aviation. Each of these, such as: airports, air carriers, air traffic control, providers of land-based services for aircraft receipt and dispatch, and many secondary accompanying services will be outlined in detail and accompanied by many practical examples. The course is primarily structured as an initial course for all those who have not had previous experience with aviation, or who have only peripherally participated in its activities. The course “Fundamentals of Aviation” is certainly recommended for new employees as an introduction to other specialised courses of this Aviation Academy, or as a refresher course for those involved in aviation.

Duration: 2 days - Price: 3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT
Manadžment - AA-M12-E

The content of the course “Methodology of drafting Financial plans and Investment priorities” consists of the following elements:

  • Planning as a management activity and management function
  • Methodology of drafting operating plans and influence factors
  • Financial planning
  • Structural elements of a financial plan
  • Report on changes in financial position
  • Financing operations and the financial market
  • Investments and determining priorities
  • Controlling.
Duration: 2 days - Price: 3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT
Manadžment - AA-M08-E

The course “Restructuring Airport Management Systems” covers the following units:

  • Definition of management systems,
  • Definition of restructuring,
  • Conceptual restructuring model,
  • Scope of restructuring,
  • Restructuring airport management systems,
  • Model approach,
  • Model of forming a restructuring team,
  • Objectives of restructuring,
  • Institutionalisation of restructured management systems,
  • Risks in the restructuring process,
  • Restructuring and the ISO 9001 quality management system,
  • Most common mistakes in the restructuring process.
Duration: 2 days - Price: 3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT
Manadžment - AA-M04-E

The course “Methodologies of modelling business processes” includes the following units:

  • Definition of processes,
  • Description of types of processes,
  • Business processes,
  • Fundamental business processes,
  • Management business processes,
  • Support processes or logistical business processes,
  • Processes of measurement, analysis and improvements,
  • Methodologies of modelling business processes (identification of processes, description of processes, context diagrams, static process models, dynamic process models, decomposition of processes, responsibility in processes, process oriented organisation, planning measurements in processes, information flow in processes, improving processes),
  • Hierarchy of business processes,
  • Business processes for airports.
Duration: 2 days - Price: 3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT
Manadžment - AA-M03-E

In the course “Quality Management System”, attendees will become acquainted with the following units:

  • What is ISO? 
  • Definitions of quality, 
  • International ISO standards for quality management systems, 
  • Historical review of the revision of standards, 
  • Structure of the standard ISO 9001:2008, 
  • Principles of quality managemen, 
  • Quality concepts.

Attendees will obtain detailed explanations and answers to the question of why a quality management system is necessary. In addition to the above segments, the following topics will also be covered during the lectures:

  • Developing a quality management system, 
  • Implementing a quality management system, 
  • Documenting a quality management system, 
  • Quality management, 
  • Revision of the standard ISO 9001:2015, 
  • Quality as a business philosophy and pragmatic approach,
  • Quality management system for airports.
Duration: 2 days - Price: 3.500,00 HRK (~465,00 EUR) + VAT