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After the acquisition by the concessionaire, Zagreb Airport, Ltd. no longer provides airport services, but its activity is significantly expanded. This is primarily related to:

  • advice on structuring, preparation and implementation of infrastructure investment projects on the principles of project financing, joint ventures, concessions and public-private partnerships,
  • providing consulting services (restructuring of the management, project management, etc.),
  • providing technical assistance to the concession grantor in supervising the execution of the Concession Agreement,
  • conducting specialized training,
  • making models, implementation and certification of management systems (quality, environment, social responsibility, risks, etc.),
  • implementation of new technical and technological solutions in airports,
  • making technology solutions traffic flow at airports,
  • development of business plans and strategic documents in the air transport,
  • analysis of the existing business and to propose guidelines for further development,
  • development of new projects (Airport City, Cargo City, Intermodalnost, etc.),
  • representation of foreign companies,
  • EU funds - advice (help design ideas for projects to be co-financed from EU funds, help in writing applications for EU funds, monitor the implementation of projects co-financed from EU funds.
  • creation and adaptation of IT specialist solutions for airports.