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Welcoming words!

Welcome to the Zagreb Airport Ltd. website where you will find many interesting information, such as: the historical development of Zagreb Airport, projects related to airport development, of which the most important project is the construction of the New Passenger Terminal, based on the Concession Agreement which was signed by the Croatian Government as a Grantor, with the Zagreb International Airport Jsc. as the concessionaire. Zagreb Airport Ltd. continues to operate as a legal entity and will no longer provide airport services, but will manage the assets that are not subject to the concession. It will also develop and provide new services, as well as work on the design and preparation of other major infrastructure projects, all with the aim for Zagreb Airport to have a better position on the aviation market.  

B. Eng. Ranko Ilić, MBA
President & CEO


After the take-over by the Concessionaire, Zagreb Airport Ltd. no longer provides airport services; however, the company has significantly expanded its scope of activities. Primarily, they include the following:

  • Providing consultancy services for structuring, preparation and implementation of infrastructure investment projects in accordance with the principles of project financing, joint ventures, concession and public-private partnerships 
  • Providing professional and technical assistance to the concession grantor in the monitoring of the implementation of the Concession Agreement 
  • Designing management system models, implementations and certifications (quality, environment, social responsibility, risks etc.) 
  • Implementing new technical and technological solutions at airports 
  • Creating business plans and strategic documents in the field of air transport 
  • Performing analyses of the current business operations and proposing guidelines for future development 

Airport IT solutions

In partnership with Zagreb Airport Ltd., AI-MS has developed special methods and software applications which can be customized and tailored to local market conditions and specific user requirements. These IT planning tools support the applicable methods and provide numerous customization options. Zagreb Airport Ltd. has also concluded a partnership agreement for the promotion and distribution of the specialist airport planning software developed by the company Transoft Solutions/Simtra

Zagreb Airport Aviation Academy

With the purpose of providing continuing education opportunities for air transport workers, Zagreb Airport Ltd. has established an educational centre entitled Zagreb Airport Aviation Academy. The goal of the Academy is to offer education opportunities in a wide range of subjects for all interested parties in line with the national and international best practice. The educational areas are the following:

  • Managment 
  • Technics and technology 
  • Regulations 
  • Economics 
  • Air traffic managment 
  • Airlines 
  • Ecology 

Simposium organization

Zagreb Airport Ltd. plans to organise and arrange scientific and professional conferences (symposia, conferences, roundtables etc.). Over the years, the airport employees have actively participated in numerous international scientific and professional conferences at home and abroad, in different roles: as organisers, coordinators, partners, moderators, authors, reviewers, publication editors, speakers and so forth. In accordance with the strategy of Zagreb Airport Ltd., the aim is to achieve synergy between the air transport industry on one side and science on the other, for the purpose of contributing to the development of air transport in the Republic of Croatia.  



Planning and development of airport business

After the concessionaire handover one of our business segment and the separation into another company Zagreb International Airport Jsc. (MZLZ), Zagreb Airport Ltd. has expanded its business activity, offering now a wide range of services which can be seen in this category. (active soon)

Integrated management

The implementation of integration of all organizational systems and processes into one joint framework with the aim of fulfilling its basic purpose and mission, as well as taking into account the requirements of two or more management systems based on the international standards.

Zagreb Airport
Aviation Academy

The employees of Zagreb Airport Ltd. have acquired experience through their long-term work and continuous training, which they wish to share with all interested participants in a form of professional education and workshops. List of courses will be published soon.

Research and
scientific activities

Over the years, along with their core activity, certain employees of Zagreb Airport Ltd. have been participating in scientific research activities, which primarily refer to work on scientific and research projects. If you would like to see our published scientific papers please click here.